April 2021

If you think guessing when to close down and reopen our meetings and activities all year has been easy…think again.

But the time has come…it appears the waiting is finally behind us…DRUM ROLL…please. ON SUNDAY, MAY 16TH SOTG general meetings will resume at 2:30pm at Faith Church in Sarasota. I’m sorry, but just enough of our members were hesitant about April so we’ve delayed it one more month to be sure.

I know how anxious you all are to get going because of the increase in members attending Dining Out and the Breakfast Club. Just this week we have doubled our inquiries about SOTG membership. So everyone is definitely ready.

Watch for your newsletter over the next few months as the rest of the country and the world starts breaking out offering more opportunities for events and travel. Suggestion – print out your newsletter for easy reference.

Thanks to everyone who had faith enough in SOTG to renew their membership, and for those still considering, when you come back consider inviting a friend. This time has been very difficult for everyone. Reach out to someone you know who has been cooped up and needs to be with people again. Getting out with friendly people will lift everyone’s spirits and for sure chase away those layers of cobwebs.

We are expecting a good turn out on May 16th – but things have changed. Please note, we are obliged to take the following precautions: SOTG must hold meetings differently to continue maintaining safe distances. Please wear your mask. Meet up with friends outside since we cannot congregate in the vestibule. Once inside, SOTG Greeters will request you take a seat. If paying your dues or if a visitor, you will be directed to the Membership Table. I am most thankful we have come through this time with a vibrant travel club of special people still willing to take on the world. It has not been easy being your cheerleader-in-chief through this time, but all along you have made me feel honored to serve that purpose.

Linda Miller, President

Find Out More

We encourage those interested in our organization to attend one of our general meetings held most months of the year.  We will be happy to respond with additional information by contacting us online.


Monthly meetings on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Meet and socialize at 2:30pm, meeting 3:00-4:00. *except in July, August or December

Scheduled upcoming General Meetings are May 15th, Sept. 11th, Oct. 9th, and Nov. 13th.