March 2018


At our February 11th meeting I shared with those of you who were able to attend what I felt was the exciting news of the 6-month trial to improve our website ( and that we are also instituting our presence on Facebook. There were two new 2019 international trips announced at the meeting both under the umbrella of Grand Circle.

It was announced to the attendees that Mary had stepped down as the Travel Committee Chair due to other commitments and I was able to announce and introduce Brenda as Co-Chair to the Travel Committee and also Dawn as the other Co-Chair to the Travel Committee. Both ladies have traveled with SOTG since joining. Both have been active members since joining the club; Brenda in 2015 and Dawn in 2011. I’m sure that as they get their arms around the committee and begin brainstorming we will see and hear exciting thoughts and ideas. If you may have some ideas that you wish to share with the Travel Committee please don’t hesitate to let any member of the committee know.  It’s from your thoughts and ideas that travel becomes a reality.

As a reminder for your calendar – April 8th is our Annual SOTG Picnic at Maxine Barritt Park, Venice. The cost is $5 per member. Unfortunately, the costs keep going up and this helps to offset the cost to the club. There will be a sign-up sheet at the March meeting, so please be sure to check your calendar and sign your name as coming. There’s going to be great company, good food, lots of laughter and entertainment!

I mentioned at the meeting, and I truly mean it – if you should have any comments, suggestions, ideas for SOTG please reach out to me and let me know your thinking. As I said in January, I work for you and I want to ensure that you feel that you are receiving whatever it is that you joined SOTG for. Be it to meet and make new friends, do some travel, possibly get involved with Dining In or Dining Out to break bread with new people and expand your sphere of acquaintances who also become new friends.

Looking forward to seeing you at our March 11th meeting.

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