April 2018

“DOORS ARE MEANT TO BE OPENED” ...Road Scholar International

I saw this quote in a Road Scholar International article and it struck me how appropriately it relates to us. We are a club of travelers - be it international adventures, domestic trips or travels within our state - we all are travelers and when we travel - we thoroughly enjoy it. Travel Magazine shared some excellent insights on what happens to us when we travel and I thought you might enjoy these:

  • Money spent on travel will make you happier than money spent on material goods.
  • Trip length doesn’t affect your post-trip happiness
  • Regular travelers get along better with people
  • Trips can change history
  • The ticket is usually the only big cost
  • Frequent travelers are better problem solvers

I started by saying “Doors Are Meant to be Opened”; I feel that when we travel, when we participate in Dining In or Dining Out, go to Games, attend one of the Cultural events or do a Day Trip - we each are opening “Doors”. We are meeting new people, be they fellow members, or possibly a guest that is attending the event, to get a feel for exactly what SOTG and its members is about. Thank you to each and every one of you for “Opening Your Doors” and extending yourself, possibly beyond your own comfort zone, to experience what we and SOTG has to offer. We hope you can share your own experiences with someone else and possibly gain a new friend or acquaintance.


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