February 2019

What a wonderful turnout at our January 13th meeting! It was wonderful to see so many friends at the meeting and greet many of the guests who were checking us out.

The various sign-up group interest sheets received quite a lot of names of people interested in them. Just to let you know; Book Club has 5, Bridge Group has 5, Movie Group has 26!, Sports Group has 6, and the Walking Group has 14! I talked with Barbara at the conclusion of the meeting and she would like the Movie Group list so that she can begin organizing this group under her Social Committee. My plan is to organize the names within each group and have the interest sheets out at the February and March meetings so that those recently joined or weren’t at the January meeting will have an opportunity to sign up. We will then begin reaching out to members for assistance in organizing the groups into action. Thank you to all who took the time to put your names down for activities that are of interest to you.

I will also be adding another sheet in February that a member requested – it is for people who are looking for someone to travel with or share activities with. There are times when you would like to take a day trip, do a dinner, or take an overnight or longer trip but don’t know anyone else who might also be interested. This list might assist with this challenge.

With our wonderful turnout, it gave our new committee chairs an opportunity to get their feet wet with people signing up for activities, sharing their thoughts about social ideas, day trips, etc. It was a busy time for everyone. Some of the ideas shared weren’t even on the radar, but they are now and are going to be investigated as possibilities.

We are off to a grand beginning this year and I thank each of you for your membership, participation, and being a part of the SOTG family. I look forward to see-ing you at our February 10th meeting.


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